Soil & Soul is a community garden in Palmwoods, Queensland.

Palmwoods Community Garden (also known as “Soil and Soul”) is a place where local residents & community groups are welcome to come to ‘grow and help others grow’. Click here to go to the website.

The Palmwoods Uniting Church has leased some of its land to the Palmwoods Community & Business Association at no cost to be used as a Community Garden. It provides a place for locals to grow their own food, connect with others in the community and learn about other cultures. See the Palmwoods Garden Facebook Page.

Thanks to the Sunshine Coast Council we received a grant to prepare the site. We also received a Healthy Towns Award under the Greenspace category which paid for our first set of raised beds.
Purpose and Objectives
• promote a harmonious mix of the diverse approaches to sustainable gardening
• encourage the spirit of cooperation, consultation, community pride and achievement
• making productive use of vacant land
• to acquire, share and increase knowledge and practice of chemical-free gardening
• cooperate with nature to establish and maintain an ecologically balanced and sustainable method of growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and trees
• to be inclusive in being available to people from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and abilities